Large New Thing
2022 is here and, for a lark, here's my top 10 of 2021. I actually didn't get to play through any games released in 2021 last year. So, this is just a list of the games I enjoyed the most this past year. I don't tend to play games when they're released and try my best to not be affected by the powerful hype machine of the video game industry. There's tons of games that came out last year that I want to play, but I'm poor and don't currently have the funds to truly live the gamer live. Since I only started keeping track of this stuff this year, it's just what the Top 10 is atm.

Anyways, here's list...
Rank Grade Icon Game Title Platform I Played Release Last Clear

Small New Thing
I beat Psychonauts a month and a half ago and finally got around to writing some thoughts on it. OOPS.